Volgens Geoff Keighley, redacteur van Gametrailers, waait er een sterk gerucht dat ook Sony voor de Playstation 4 DRM gaat gebruiken. Dit werd later bevestigd door een NeoGaf gebruiker die connecties met Sony zou hebben.

Tijdens de laatste Bonus Round op Gametrailers gaf Keighley zijn mening over de Xbox One. Hierbij zei hij dat ook Sony een DRM gaat gebruiken. Geoff Keighley staat erom bekend heel betrouwbare bronnen te hebben, wat hij zegt bevat dus vaak een groot deel van de waarheid. Neogaf gebruiker famousmortimer ( die ook connecties bij Sony zou hebben) bevestigde dit en voegde er nog aan toe dat DRM momenteel in wacht staat. Dit zou komen door de mediaheisa rond de DRM van Microsoft. Sony is bang dezelfde reacties uit te lokken en heeft dus besloten om hun DRM nog wat te veranderen of verder te verfijnen.

Famousmortimer zegt wel niet 100% zeker te zijn, waardoor we dit dus best met een korreltje zout nemen totdat Sony zelf met verklaringen naar buiten komt.

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I actually did caution that it was coming about a week ago. Because as of a week ago it was.

I just heard on friday that it wasn’t. I didn’t want to come right out and post about it because leak-y individuals like myself are getting a bit too much attention and I don’t care about myself but Im not really looking to get my friends into trouble. But i’ve confirmed it with a second person so I got dumb and posted it.

Chubigans can vouch for me though on having been correct on other sony leaks in the past. And chubigans should probably PM me again telling me to be quiet.


It absolutely does. Whenever i’ve been told about shitty things possibly happening both of the people I know at sony, who are hardcore gamers just like us, both say “make a big stink about this to yoshida (@yosp) on twitter.

I mean these guys are human, you can’t keep hearing negative things and think that it’s a good idea. Like I said before, I don’t know anyone inside MS but basic human nature tells me that they are not happy about the reaction and will change their positions accordingly.

This week was a PR nightmare for MS. There’s no two ways about it. That doesn’t mean they already lost next gen. It doesn’t mean that third parties are jumping ship. It’s nothing crazy like fanboy delusions. But a bad PR week for any company makes that company sit down and ask themselves “How can we turn this around?” If MS or Sony think that pissing off a lot of people will cost them more money than whatever unpopular thing they want to implement would make… they will 86 that shit. It’s all about dollars.

Sony also is in a tactically advantageous position right now where they aren’t talking about it and they won’t talk about it until they have to. And this is only amplified by the fact that they go second at E3.

I do want to warn that these decisions do flipflop (as evidenced by what i posted earlier this week vs now). I’m not 100% on this. The people I know aren’t 100% on this. Some suit can come in and fuck the entire thing up. So I wouldn’t go running around screaming “HAHA SONY ISN’T DOING IT!” I just wanted people to know that as of now Sony has flipped their position in response to the shitstorm microsoft got hit with.

So don’t let the “just be quiet until E3” people sway you. If you don’t like something, say something. Twitter is amazing for being able to talk to people in these corporations. YOSP will even respond if it’s about something he can talk about (he is currently not responding to ANY questions about Used game… but you can bet your ass he is reading them).

Be respectful and tell them how you feel. I would assume this is true of MS also. And it actually works. They want our money and if they start to get scared that they won’t they WILL change things.[/show_hide]

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