Met de release van 30 november in zicht, geeft Ubisoft steeds meer informatie vrij over de Wii U launch titel Zombi U. In een exclusief interview met Official Nintendo Magazine verklapt director Gabrielle Shrager de nieuwe multiplayer arena zones in Londen.

De multiplayer zone is St George’s Yard in Londen, die Shrager bovendien beschrijft als de hel in de hel.

You’ve seen the Tower Of London gameplay footage by now, so you know we are going to have to breach the Traitor’s Gate and penetrate the depths of the Bloody Tower to find the Raven Of Dee’s Secret Bunker, but you’ve never heard of St George’s Yard.

St George’s is our hell within hell. Survivors here are unwilling participants in a twisted game in which they are thrown to the infected. Our multiplayer arenas are a spin-off of this mission in the campaign, aldus Gabrielle Shrager.

Zombi U Wii U

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